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BFSC Home Members Guide to the BFSC Site

Guide to the BFSC site

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This website contains a lot of features and flexibilty, so this article is to serve as a brief guide for navigating around the site.



  For Racing, go here

  For Cruising, go here

  For a ride, go here

  To join the club, go here

  Have a question, go here


Current Events

Wed, Aug 23rd, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @11:00am - 05:00PM
BFSC Fall #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @4:00pm - 05:00PM
Steak Out
Mon, Aug 28th, @6:00pm - 09:00PM
Open Membership Meeting
Wed, Aug 30th, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2


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