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        sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd Cruising sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd Cruising sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd Cruising sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd sailboat-blue-pink-bkrnd         
Lee Cook, Cruising Captain, 
Barefoot Sailing Club has many cruising events throughout the year.
  bw cruise 2014-dsc01557• First Saturday Cruise - Cruise with BFSC the first Saturday of every month.
  • Annual Blessing of the Fleet - Bless the fleet (spring)
  • Brunch Cruise - Raft up and brunch on the water (summer)
  • Wednesday Night Cruise -  Wednesday night cruises during the summer
  • Annual Blue Water Cruise Cruise on open water at remote destination
Cruising with Barefoot 
BFSC’s monthly cruise is open to all club members to enjoy a day of sailing, camaraderie, food and fun with fellow sailors. Our cruises are complementary to any first time sailor who wants to experience hands on sailing with one of the best sailing communities on Lake Lanier. The only requirement is to let us know you are coming so we can reserve a place on a boat. We cannot guarantee you will be able to sail without a reservation.

Meet in front of the Sunrise Cove Marina club house at 11 am. Don't have a boat? We will find you a ride with one of our members.  Contact our Cruising Captain, Lee Cook, at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to reserve your space for our next monthly cruise.

Upcoming Events
First Saturday Cruise - May 6th  Skipper's meeting at 11am. at Sunrise Marina club house. Cruising will start about 1pm.  Contact your Cruising Captain Lee Cook to register at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Rain or shine.  If the weather is bad we will go somewhere for food and drinks.
Sign up for First Saturday Cruise - Sign Me Up
BFSC Cruising Pictures
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          the lanfords  justices       tom2c kurt2c  pete       tom  kurt 1

Cruising Activities

2017 Cruising Schedule
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, February  4  , 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, March 4, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, April 1, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, May 6, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, June 3, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, July 1, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, August 5, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, August 26, 2017 (in place of September Cruise)
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, Barefoot Open Regatta, No cruise
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, November 4, 2017
                    Barefoot Cruise Saturday, December 2, 20167

All of our cruises are open to everyone. However, if there is not enough space for additional crew, Barefoot members will be given preference.  Make your plans early and put your name on the list.  We meet at 11 AM before the 1st Saturday Open Cruise at the Sunrise Cove Marina club house. Here, we match up boats with crew, discuss what we will be doing for that day's adventure. Then, everyone departs for their boats and sailing fun! Sometimes we raft up and party.

Protocol for guests and crew
    • Be safe, kind, and helpful
           • Follow directions of the Owner/skipper
           • Be courteous to all on the boat
           • Make the Skipper aware of your sailing experience
           • Ask about the location of the life vests and anything you do not know
           • Follow all safety directions
     • Bring what you need
           • Attire:  hat, sunglasses, swinwear, layers (winter), sunscreen, mar-proof deck/athletic shoes
           • Food/drink: "You + 2" enough food and drink for your party + 2 others (for sharing)
     • Return to Dock
           • Thank the skipper for the experience and safe return
           • Offer to help clean and straighten the boat -- VERY IMPORTANT
           • Provide the Captain (and other crew) with your contact information, if you would like to crew again

Wednesday Night Cruise:  This cruise event is mainly for club members, and is Skippers’ choice for crew – invitation only. Crew that have participated in the First Saturday Cruises have the advantage of experience with their skippers. BUT the Crew Board is a great way to put your name up for consideration, because cruising skippers are often looking for crew. If you’re looking for a ride, be sure to put your name, experience, and contact info on the Crew Board – click the link under “Main Menu” on the left of this page to get to the form you need to fill out. Same goes for skippers that are looking for crew – same link, different form. It’s a great way to connect!

Announcements: All cruises will be announced by email to the Barefoot Yahoo Group approximately a week prior to the cruise date. Contact the BFSC cruising captain if you want to be on our Barefoot Yahoo Chat Group. You must be a member of the club to be on the Chat Group.

Cruise Master: We will have a designated Cruise Master for every cruise. The Cruise Master's job is simply to facilitate the date. That can include coming up with a theme, a learning objective, or whatever else they chose. To volunteer as Cruise Master, please contact the BFSC cruising captain.

Float Plan:  All cruises are open to everyone: members and guests.  Please make certain to let the BFSC cruising captain know of your plans to join us as soon as possible.  This is the ensure that we will have adequate boats for a safe and enjoyable cruise.  We meet at 10AM on the day of the cruise at the Sunrise Cove Marina club house.  Here we match up boats with crew, discuss the actual float plan, and set a location for the raft-up.  If we have more crew than the number of boats can safely accommodate, then Barefoot members and registered guests will be given preference in being placed on boats.  Thus, get your reservation in early at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Crew: Those of you who need rides, please let the cruise organizer know that you plan to join a cruise by replying to the announcement email or contacting the Cruise Master for the Cruise you are interested in attending.  See our calendar for upcoming cruises or for more information, please click the link "Looking for a Ride".

Boat Owners: Come on out and do some relaxed sailing, meet new people and promote casual club sailing.  If you have a boat, please let us know by replying to the cruise announcement, what it is and how many people you are willing to take for a ride that day. Tell us how to reach you by telephone, too.  Also, please tell us the name of your boat and if you have a VHF radio; we use channel 68 for our cruises. If you have any special restrictions that you need us to know about, please advise the Cruise Master.

Where: We'll meet in the Sunrise Cove Marina Club House at the specified time to meet each other, crew up, pick a destination and a plan. Bring your sense of adventure, your good humor and your willingness to reach out and touch someone. We will have a tentative crewing plan made that covers everyone who signs up. You are free to rearrange yourselves as you see fit once you get there.                                                 


Current Events

Wed, Aug 23rd, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @11:00am - 05:00PM
BFSC Fall #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @4:00pm - 05:00PM
Steak Out
Mon, Aug 28th, @6:00pm - 09:00PM
Open Membership Meeting
Wed, Aug 30th, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2


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