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BFSC Home Racing

Barefoot Open Regatta
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Chris Webster, Racing Captain,
Bill Boettcher, Co-Racing Captain,
Barefoot Racing
bfo 2014 dsc 6098-tiBarefoot offers major racing circuit events each year, including the annual two-day "Barefoot Open Regatta" early in October. The club sponsors racing series for its PHRF and Portsmouth fleets from January through November with awards to skippers and crew for each series. Regular club races are held on Lake Lanier and include both buoy and long-distance (around the islands) racing. The club's sailing instructions detail the rules of racing with Barefoot. Visitors are invited to crew for races, just attend the skippers' meeting held 2 hours before each race to see which skippers need crew. 
Barefoot Annual Races

Spring Series - Six race serice held in the spring, beginning in March. Multiple races may be held each race day.  All races start at 1pm, with skippers meeting at 11am at Aqualand ships store parking lot. 

Fall Series - Six race series held in the fall, beginning in August.  Multiple races may be held each race day.  All races start at 1pm, with skippers meeting at 11am at Aqualand ships store parking lot. 

Around Alone Race - The long time–honored tradition of the Barefoot/Southern Sailing Clubs premier solo regatta, the Around Alone Regatta, it is usually held in the early spring on Lake Lanier. Come on out with the rest of the hardy singlehanders on a race from the Chattahoochee Bay area of the Lake, to Buford Dam and back! Then join everyone for good eats, socializing, and the awards party at Sunrise Cove Marina Clubhouse.  

Women Skipper's Race (Joan Holcomb Memorial) - in memory of Joan Holcomb, BFSC’s 1994 Commodore.  Usually held in the spring.  A women must helm the boat and make tactical decisions. 

Moonlight Scramble -  The Moonlight Scramble is a two evening race series held in the summer months as close to the full moon nights as possible for Saturday evening races. It is intended to be a fun race where sailors are out late enjoying fresh night breezes and the full moon. It is combined with the Southern Sailing Clubs Fire Fly races to give sailors a chance to compete in two events at once. This year both races will be a pursuit start. 

Barefoot Open Regatta - The 41st Barefoot Open Regatta will be held in 2015!  From the Friday night Skipper’s Meeting to the Saturday morning continental breakfast, the two full days of racing for all fleets, and the fantastic parties and food. All of this is on top of one of the best venues for lake racing, plus knowledgeable and experienced race committee and judges, and you have a formula for a great weekend of sailing!  Barefoot will again have a silent auction as well as raffle tickets for great prizes to local restaurants, stores and more!  Open to all sailboats on Lake Lanier with a current PHRF certificate.  


Skipper of the Year - Must have raced in at least 4 races of either BFSC series, must have raced in at least 2 races of the other BFSC series and must have served on Race committee at least 1 time during the Dorton Cup Series Races.

We need volunteers from members willing to ride on the Race Committee boat. If you want to experience the thrill of watching the race up close, please contact me. Hope to see you out there! Chris Webster, Racing Captain.

Times given are for the pre-race skipper's meeting, held in front of Aqualand Ship's Store. For further information, please contact the Racing Captain Chris Webster.
For Wednesday night races, rendezvous at X mark. For information on LARC races go here and to register go here.
lanier cup team 
 Team BFSC ("Ghost", "Instant Karma", "Perpetual Motion" and "Meine Sube") win the Lanier Cup along with bragging rights for Lake Lanier GA for 2016!!.The team did awsome with a 1st place finish 0f 36 points, more than 20 points ahead of the 2nd place team.  Congratulations to all skippers (AJ Smith, Tedd Meinersman, Chris Webster, Linda Webster)  and crews.
Wednesday Night Videos
Racing Flags - here is a listing of the more popular racing flags and the starting sequence - FLAGS
Upcoming Races
Spring 5 (make up) - Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Women Skipper's Race (Joan Holcomb Memorial) - Held Sunday, May 15th after being postponed from Saturday due to high winds.  Great day to be on the lake. We had 9 boats.  Congratulations to all.  


 Cruising - Pat Haynie
 Low PHRF - Gigi Arias
 High PHRF - Linda Baker
BFSC Racing Pictures
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img 36891   img 36961   img 37181   img 38091
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BFSC Racing Videos  

Around Alone Race 2013

For more videos click Here 


Barefoot Racing Schedule 2017
Event Day  Date   Time Sponsor
Poken Run Sun 1/1/17   1pm BFSC
Hot Ruttered Bum SAT 2/4/17   NOR UYC
LARC Winter 5 BFSC hosts SAT 2/25/17   1pm LARC
Spring #1 SAT 3/18/17   1pm BFSC
Dogwood Regatta SAT SUN 4/1 - 4/2/17   NOR AISC
Spring #2 SAT 4/8/17   1pm BFSC
Around Alone SAT 4/15/17   NOR BFSC
Spring #3 SAT 4/22/17   1pm BFSC
Spring #4 SUN 5/7/17   1pm BFSC
Women's Skipper SAT 5/13/17   NOR BFSC
Spring #5 SUN 5/21/17   1pm BFSC
Spring #6 SUN 6/4/17   1pm BFSC
Reggae Regatta SAT SUN 6/17-6/18/17   NOR LLSC
Moonlight Scramble 1 SAT 7/15/17   8pm BFSC/SSC
Fall #1 SAT 8/12/17   1pm BFSC
Moonlight Scramble 2 SAT 8/19/17   8pm BFSC/SSC
Fall #2 SAT 8/26/17   1pm BFSC
SSC Open Regatta SAT SUN 9/9 - 9/10/17   NOR SSC
Fall #3 SAT 9/16/17   NOR BFSC
Fall #4 SAT 9/23/17   NOR BFSC
Barefoot Open SAT SUN 9/30-10/1/17   NOR BFSC
FAll #5 SUN 10/8/17   1pm BFSC
Fall #6 SAT 10/21/17   1pm BFSC 
Halloween Regatta SAT SUN 10/28-10/29/17   NOR LLSC
Lanier Cup SAT 11/4/17   NOR UYC
Dorton Cup SAT 11/11/17   NOR BFSC

BFSC is scoring "Time on Distance" for PHRF fleets go here

Sailing Instructions for 2017 please go here

Operating Check List for the M/V Favored End please go here

LARC Racing information for 2017 please go here

Wednesday night video 2014

Wednesday night video 2013


Current Events

Wed, Aug 23rd, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @11:00am - 05:00PM
BFSC Fall #2
Sat, Aug 26th, @4:00pm - 05:00PM
Steak Out
Mon, Aug 28th, @6:00pm - 09:00PM
Open Membership Meeting
Wed, Aug 30th, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2


Thanks to our sponsors

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Women's Skipper - 2016