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*SunRise Sail exclusive offer

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Barefoot Sailing Club and SunRise Sail exclusive offer

Barefoot Sailing Club has teamed up with SunRise Sailing to offer our members an exclusive deal.  As a Barefoot Sailing Club member, you will receive a 10% discount on classes taken at SunRise Sail.  For those members that do not own a boat, you can get monthly access to a boat for a very minimal monthly payment.  This means that you can sail a boat without having to worry about slip fees, insurance, repairs, and the other hassles of boat ownership.  Please see below for offers and details.


Upcoming Classes 
Prerequisite: None
This class will consist of a Sunday of class for instruction and review then home study through the week and finally, review and test on the following Sunday with the instructor present. The price $395 per person which includes a textbook plus PowerPoint presentation DVD which is concise and emphasizes the basics of Coastal Navigation. Topics include reading and plotting on nautical charts, dead reckoning navigation, bearings and fixes, as well as more advanced topics. Training Chart 1210 TR is included in the package.  I will have available basic navigation tool kits by the first class or in advance at the west marine price of $44.99 plus tax
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending, and would like to purchase the tool set from me.  I will need a head count as soon as possible so I can get the books ordered and to you.
Exclusive Offer No.1 for Barefoot Sailing Club Members

10% Discount on Sunrise Sail Sailing Academy Courses and the one time joining fees. Including Qualification Courses for Club Initiation.  ($900.00 which includes the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certification below)

ASA 101 - BASIC KEELBOAT CERTIFICATION Prerequisite: None $545 for Private lesson or $435 per person for semi-private, 3 students per boat max.  (Barefoot members would be $490 for Private Lesson or $390.00 per person for semi-private lesson)

 ASA 103 COASTAL CRUISING  - $545 for Private lesson or $435 per person for semi-private, 3 students per boat max.  Prerequisite: Basic Keelboat ASA 101 (Barefoot members would be $490 for Private Lesson or $390.00 per person for semi-private lesson)

ASA 105 – COASTAL NAVIGATION  Prerequisite: None

This course is offered as a group setting in a classroom.  This class is held during 3 days over two consecutive Sundays. Cost $395 per person for multi student class size 2 to 6.  (Barefoot members would be $355 per person for semi-private lesson)

Exclusive Offer No 2. for Barefoot Sailing Club Members

FreeTime Sailing Fleet offers a $75, + GA Sales Tax per month fee, Modified Membership to Barefoot Sailing Club Members Only. 

A BFSC member may join at this fractional rate and would be entitled to sail either of the Fun Fleet boats up to twice a month.  With a 24 hour reservation window, use SunRise Sail’s Catalina 27s ONE Weekday reservation and or ONE Weekend half day reservation per month.   Standard FTF Club training restrictions apply (see below)

Access to our Catalina 27s for only $75 + GA Sales Tax per month!

Reservations and Booking for BSFC membership:

1 Weekend time slot per month with a 24 hour reservation window

        5 hours each 9:30 – 2:00 or2:30  – 7:30

1 Weekday time slot per month with a 24 hour reservation window

        1 per day 9:30 – 7:30 (Summer hours may be later)

AnyTime” Booking

Less than 24 hours in advance Booking on as available basis

Check the schedule - book it

Training and Skills

bearing away

FreeTime Fleet Skipper Skills Checkout

All members must pass a verbal assessment of knowledge and an on water demonstration of skills

Experienced sailors may “Test thru”  the training requirement reducing the Initiation fee

Included in One Time Joining Fee:

ASA 101 for the Master of the Boat, On-Water Demonstration of Skills Checkout, Verbal Assessment of Knowledge and Orientation to All Boat Types. 

FreeTime Fleet Training course will be scheduled thru SunRise Sailing Academy.

Training cost included in the One Time Joining Fee.

Orientation to all boat types is included in the One Time Joining Fee.


For more information - SunRise Sail

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Current Events

Mon, Jun 26th, @6:00pm - 09:00PM
Open Membership Meeting
Sat, Jul 1st, @11:00am - 05:00PM
First Saturday Cruise
Tue, Jul 4th, @8:00am - 05:00PM
Independance Day
Mon, Jul 10th, @6:00pm - 09:00PM
Board Meeting
Wed, Jul 12th, @7:00pm - 09:00PM
Wednesday Night Race Series #2