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Blue Water Cruises

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Since 1988, we have bareboat chartered annually (except 2008 – 2012) on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts from Mobile Bay to Maine, but mostly on the coast of Florida - the north and southwest Gulf coasts, Key West, Miami and the Keys, with a couple of trips across the Stream to Bimini and back. Other trips include the Georgia coast, Charleston, SC, Pamlico Sound, NC, Chesapeake Bay, MD, Penobscot Bay, Maine, and, of course, the BVI’s. We have cruised from as early as mid-May to as late as mid-November, with many in between.
For those of you who’ve never spent a week bareboat chartering on a very nice yacht with a few friends, it is an absolute blast. This is close to the ultimate in part-time cruising – just imagine the best days of cruising on the Lake, and multiply that by a fun factor of at least 10 (some would say a lot more than that). Great sailing – imagine staying on the same tack with steady winds for hours at a time - gorgeous scenery, deep green or azure blue water, dolphins playing in the bow wave, great food and drink, great music, peaceful, beautiful anchorages with spectacular sunsets (and sunrises if you can wake up early enuf), and on and on.... I can only begin to give you an idea of how much fun it really is to go on one of these cruises – check out the photos below. 
manatee river-2003 cruise st pete to charlotte harbor    tampa bay bridge-2003 cruise
                   Manatee River, Florida                                                                          Tampa Bay Bridge 
The Blue Water cruise for this year  has been postponed.  New date TBD.
We will be going to Pamlico Sound, North Carolina.  

 ·       Charter company – Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor out of Oriental, NC

 ·       Their web site –

 ·       The boat – Beneteau 38 (photos available on web site)

 ·       Cost for a seven-day charter – $2,657.40 (total for boat including taxes and fees) divide this by the number of guests to obtain individual cost

 ·       Charter Captain – Lee Cook

We need members to commit as crew now. It may seem like you have plenty of time to wait and make your decision, however May is only three months away, and those ninety days will pass quicker than you think.
Once again I am planning a bluewater cruise for this year, and all of you who have a serious interest in going on such an adventure, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and/or check out the questionnaire that was emailed to the membership on April 11th. This year I am considering chartering out Pensacola, Florida, or Newport, Rhode Island. Both are fabulous areas to cruise – I’ve sailed in this area of Florida many times, and never get tired of it. Never been to Newport, but everything I’ve seen or read about the area makes its reputation as one of the very best sailing areas in the US well deserved.
When you sign up with a serous interest in going, I can also give you more info on bareboat cruising, such as what to expect on the boat, some major planning issues, travel options, the charter companies I’m considering, boats available, etc. Of course, we would like to have as many members go as possible, and I already have a few folks who have indicated a desire to go.  If this is your first time, it is ideal to travel with someone who has done it before. So sign up and come along. You know you want to.
Your initial response will not obligate you, nor will it guarantee you a berth as crew, but it will help us to firm up the planning and arrangements.
Your Cruising Captain, 
Lee Cook 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


 happy crew great food-2003 cruise

                                    Happy crew!

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